canine search & rescue boot camp, Zagorje (SLO)

I have been a canine SAR dog handler for ten years but never had such an active summer. The fourth and last training camp of the summer was a five-day event held in Zagorje, Slovenia.

It was quite an experience for Saga. Every day started with an army transport to a new work site. Having to board a truck via a plank and riding in the back with twelve other dogs and people, calmly handling the noise, shaking and crowding. We worked on four different work sites, mainly industrial and some rubble.

The weather was (once again) hot and the environment quite stressful. It took Saga a day to acclimate to her surroundings but then she worked well and had the opportunity to tackle some new situations. She worked searches in an abandoned mine shaft, the ruins of an old lumber mill and in a concrete plant.

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