wilderness search, level B

It has been a crazy week. Last Saturday we competed at HDR Base in Hungary and finished 10th in W’s division. We drove back the same day and on Sunday morning we drove across Slovenia to lead a “tricks & fun obedience” workshop. Monday and Tuesday were spent at a two-day disaster search workshop. And on Saturday we drove to Croatia, to take our final search & rescue trial – wilderness search, level B.

No need to say, we were both pretty tired even at the start of the trial. The search lasts 30 minutes, covers 40.000 square meters of forest, with three missing persons. To pass, the dog needs to find all three, with points given for intensity of searching, agility, independence, directibility and alert. Saga worked really well, especially considering the week she had. Her obedience worked suffered a little, because by then tiredness was really starting to show. Still, we passed the trial and with it out LAST international search & rescue certification 😀


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