Starting my own line of working doberman has been a dream of mine for nearly ten years.

With Saga, I finally got a female with the best possible pedigree. After two years of working with her, she has proved herself to be a truly all-around excellent working dog. We flew through our search & rescue trials after only a year of training. After another 11 months, she passed her IPO 1 trial with 91 points for protection. We competed in Hard Dog Races, won one and always made the top twenty.
She is a high energy, high drive dog. Agile & fast, with strong bites, steady nerves and a healthy ego. A perfect watch dog for the home, obedient companion in sport and every day life and a workaholic on the training field. Great with other dogs and people but she doesn’t much like cats 🙂 The only real down side to her is that her incredible energy for work and affection for me can get quite exhausting.

After passing the trials and doing all the health checks, it was time to find her a suitable male for breeding. I took my time, did extensive research and looked at many bloodlines, titles and results. As I am new to breeding, I needed a lot of advice and guidance from Lisa Poppelvig, Saga’s breeder. For which I thank her very much.

This weekend at last Saga and me drove to Germany, to meet Ataraxie’s Erwin and see him work. Our own IPO helper & instructor went with us, because I wanted a realistic picture of the males abilities.
We found Ataraxie’s Erwin or Thore to be a stable, friendly dog. In protection he works with a good combination of prey and defence drive. He has great love for work, strong & steady bites, good speed and to cap it all, he is very beautiful.

In short, we have found our puppy daddy! So in May we will be driving to Germany again to mate Saga to Thore and in July hopefully our home will be full of puppies ❤

To see the pedigree, working titles and health checks of Saga & Thore, check them out on Working Dog …

If you are interested in seeing Thore work, please watch the following video…

2 thoughts on “THE FUTURE

  1. Without future planning, no breed. I’ll wish you all the best and that your founding stock will be develop a steady, authentic, healthy and happy progress ! It’s not easy within the Dobermann breed to become a Dobermann breeder. Interesting to follow your steps into the breeding world from a sideline.

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