the canine athlete

From search & rescue to canicross and finally IPO (IGP), Saga is a true canine athlete. Her preparations includes one or two, sometimes even three training sessions a day. She is a dedicated worker and always gives everything she’s got. Just like human athletes, canines need proper nutrition, physical conditioning and health checks, to stay fit and avoid injuries.

This week Saga had a check up at Dogs4motion physiotherapy centre. So far she hasn’t shown any signs of injuries but I wanted to make double sure before trial season starts.

IMG_8545After the initial interview, where we were reminded that my crazy girl needs to have a rest day at least once a week, she was examined and had her muscles measured. According to her therapist, she shows no signs of injuries, has perfectly symmetrical muscles and is very well muscled over her WHOLE body.

Why is this important? If you only do one sport or activity, only certain muscles develop and there is a greater probability for injuries in other parts of the body. But if your dog is active in many different sports, their whole body is fit and conditioned against injuries. SO, whatever your sport of choice is, make sure your four legged athlete does other activities as well, even if it is just for relaxation and fun.

As for my Saga, she showed some tension in muscles of her neck and back. Which was to be expected IMG_2933-2 2after three protection sessions she has had last week. So on Monday we are going back to Dogs4motion for a massage treatment and hydrotherapy.

I only wish I afforded myself half as much luxury as I do her 😉




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