Another testing event is successfully behind us. This time it was IGP or IPO 2. It was quite a hard trial. We had to work all three disciplines in two hours and all in the hot spring sun.

Despite the circumstances, Saga did her best and showed very good work. There is still room for improvement… She moves too fast in tracking and in obedience she is a bit imprecise and slow in some positions. Protection is by far our best discipline and the points lost were mostly due to heat and tiredness. All in all I am very happy with our score, which was 90 – 91 – 91.

The focus now is IGP 3. If all goes as planned we will be taking the trial at the end of May. It is very soon, but we are mostly ready and the goal is to get her last title before the mating and PUPPIES ❤

If you are interested in Saga’s protection work on the trial, check out the following video…

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