IGP 3 & RH-F V

We have had a busy couple of weeks…

Only 18 months after our very first protection training, we passed our IGP (IPO) 3 trial. We also managed to pass the first requirement to qualify for IDC WC 2020.

Again the weather was not on our side, as we had to work all three disciplines in scorching afternoon sun and all in three hours time. Another factor was that Saga was on the verge of starting her heat cycle, so our performance really was not what we were aiming for. Still we managed to achieve a “good” grade, with 83-81-89.


Just 6 days after IGP 3, we took a preliminary test for search & rescue tracking (RH-F V). This was not such a big deal, because it is only a condition to start the real s&r tracking work. But still the track was harder than in IPO as it ran over water and even some manure. The second discipline of the trial consists of some easy obedience and obstacles like a tunnel, a moving plank and traversing unpleasant material. The main problem was the heat again but we passed with an ok grade of 91-81 (out of 100-100).


These were our last two trials for a while. Hopefully summer will bring puppies and all the work & joy that comes with them. In October we plan to start training again, to qualify for the IDC WC and to pass the real s&r tracking tests (RH-F A & B).

But most importantly, hopefully we will be adding a new member to our pack … Saga’s little mini-me, Varangian Asha ❤


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