Sometimes I joke, that I prepare more thoroughly for a new puppy, than most people do for a baby 😉

Finally, after ten years of dreaming, waiting for the right dog, searching for the right male, learning everything I could about the birth and litter care, preparing all possible equipment and planning their socialisation, they have finally arrived. Our A litter. THE ADVENTURERS.

I named them Adventurers because they’re our (Saga’s and mine) biggest adventure and also because we have an extensive socialisation planed, which is going to be quite an adventure for them.

Five black & rust females and three black & rust males. Born on August 14th. Healthy and strong. There was a fourth male but sadly he was not quite developed enough and we needed to say good bye to him.

But the other eight are growing and developing incredibly fast. We are already through our Bio Sensor excercises. And onto environmental enrichment in the form of new materials, stuffed toys and classical music. 

The adventure continues and will get even more exciting as they grow up enough to start exploring outside. So please stay tuned 😉


2 thoughts on “Adventurers

  1. Big congrats with your little Adventurers must be so exciting if a dream can come true. Great to read and see that you follow the concept of the early neurological stimulation, I’m a believer in it. N-joy these days so much before you know it the Adventurers are big Dobermann 😉 I will stay tuned for as long is possible because I’m curious how this whole litter will develop through maturity and the years after. Maybe you can share also later to which Country they will go. Oh and do you behold one yourself. All the best further !

    Všeč mi je

    1. Thank you. I am loving every moment with them. It is a lot of work but also priceless and lovely. I will update the page with developments. Even later. They are mostly going into working homes, so I hope they’ll make their momma and me proud 🙂 And one girl stays with me, yes.

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