To all potential puppy owners (and just busybodies)…

Our puppies will live their lives un-cropped and un-docked, because in my opinion the practice of cutting off their ears and tails is cruel and unnecessary.

In the last two months I have been contacted by many people and most of them wanted a c/d puppy. I have also been “attacked” and lectured to because of my convictions.

So, dear people … It has been prohibited to crop & dock in Slovenia and most of Europe for many years. And even it it wasn’t, I would still never mutilate another living being, let alone a puppy I have raised with love and attention from the minute they were born.

My puppies are going to loving and active owners, who will cherish them just as they are. People who do not need their ego boosted by a dangerous looking dog. People who are satisfied in the confidence that if the need arises their dogs will react, even with their floppy ears and long tails :p

So if you are looking for a talented but natural looking doberman, to love and work with please feel free to contact me. One male puppy is still looking for a home.

Foto: Maja Lesar Photography


3 thoughts on “cut-me-not

  1. Good for you and the little ones. I agree with you not to be sympathecitally but because I also think and know that they need their full natural born equipment ( tails and ears) to communicate and the tail for example is used also for balance and coordination. Sadly to read but no surprise about the unawareness in regad to the story of the tails and ears. Oh and I like the beautiful footage would almost feel the need for a talented natural dobermann 😉 LOL. All the best with the little male !

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    1. Thank you 🙂 To be honest, I think cropped and docked doberman are magnificent and beutiful. But still, I would never cut a dog (or any other animal).
      Yes? You should see how amazing they are. Their prey drive really kicked in in the last cuple of days. They are becoming little beasts 🙂

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