Time flies … two years have passed since our Adventurers came into the world. Some of our puppies went to their homes abroad and some stayed closer to home, but all are in working homes and living active lives.

Asha, Alpha & Athos are following in their mothers footsteps and preparing for search & rescue.

Aura is on her way to become a certified mantrailing dog and training FCI

Asti is training in Danish Police Ring.

Asia is preparing for Mondioring.

Arwen is training in IGP and Anil has already passed IGP 1 (at only 22 months old) and is training for further titles and competitions.

Many of them have also grown up to be excellent athletes, like their mother Saga.
Between them they are active in canicross, bikejoring & skijoring.

Not only are all the dogs showing great working abilities, they also have excellent health results. All xrayed puppies have certified HD A hips and ED 0 elbows and are free of spondylosis.

In short, our Adventurers have become everything we wished them to be. All the preparation that went into planing and the time & energy that was spent with the litter was well worth it.

Now, after two years, we are ready for a new adventure – the Bandits. The sire of our B litter will stay a secret for a little time yet. But rest assured, he is as amazing as Saga, in pedigree, working abilities and health.



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